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re: Dumbidiotx - Blood DK(can play any tank)



1. a. BattleTag: Thebest#1698

    b. Character Name: Dumbidiotx

2. Class: Blood Death Knight

3. Current Server: Kil'jaeden

4. Primary Raiding Spec (if you have a raid-viable off-spec, let us know): Blood, I can play whatever tank is required tho, I played blood dk for nyalotha prog but I've played monk all of Uldir, monk/paladin in BoD aswell as CoS, played monk all of EP and Death Knight in Nyalotha.

5. Armory link: (logged out in m+ gear while posting this)

6. What is your raid experience? My raiding experience starts in Sunwell where I raided as a tank in the guild whar lewts plz halp on Nathrezim. I played as a warrior tank and we cleared Sunwell while it was current content. Going into Wrath, I was asked by a friend if I was interested in raiding on Scilla in the guild Casual ( this was my first "hardcore" guild and we ended up with a lot of top 50 US kills and ended the expansion with a US 14th(world 42nd) Heroic Lich King 25man kill. Start of Cata, I was starting university so I parted with Casual to join a more "casual" guild and joined Critical Mass on Stormrage( raided in this guild as a prot paladin and we always got top 50 US for each tier of Cata. Guild decided to call it quits after Dragon Soul progression. I was approached by the great TMsean to tank in the guild Team Malice/Gamble/Overture/Designer Handbags on Zul'jin. This is where I met Max and preheat from Limit. Max and I were the tanks for the guild, me playing prot paladin and druid tank. Finished up Dragon Soul farm here and went into mop with them where I played prot paladin for all of progression in msv/hof and terrace, ended up at US 18th and world 98th. After this tier, I stopped playing wow interially until the last three months of wod where I came back, got flying, messed around on a bunch of chars and waited for legion. Start of legion, I joined Erebos on mal'ganis as a boomkin and got 7/7M in EN, 2/3M in ToV. This guild fell apart in the downtime between ToV and nighthold and I joined my friends super casual guild on Aerie Peak, The Gentlemen. Wasn't anything serious, think we got like five mythic bosses down in nighthold, lol. After nighthold I joined a guild on Bleeding Hollow that I honestly cant remember the name of but we killed everything but KJ in ToS and got CE in antorus. Legion, I probably could have joined better guilds but I didnt care very much at the time, I was a 97-99th percentile boomkin in all difficulties in legion even playing resto on some fights. Going into BFA, I decided I wanted to actually raid more hardcore again. I raided in Nothing Personal(Moisty Boyz) as a monk for uldir, where we got a US 99th ghuun kill, went into bod with them and killed everything with them but Jaina while playing monk/prot paladin(played paladin for rastakan). After blockade went down, I had an unexpected change in schedule that didnt allow me to raid past 11pm est and they raided until 11:30, so I ended up going and helping a friends guild who was in need of a tank for Jaina progression because there one tank had to go on an unscheduled army deployment. The guild was on Kalecgos and was named Union. We ended up getting US 75th Jaina( this was only temporary because their other tank would be coming back before the next tiers. Week or two after, I was approached by Humble to tank for them and I've been there since(US 51st Uu'nat, US 37th Azshara and US 29th Nzoth) Reason for leaving Humble is on good terms. I tanked with an officer of the guild and going into SL, our raid leader who played warlock wants to raid lead from a tanking role which I 100% understand, I was offered a dps or healer spot and was playing a bit of warlock but I didnt feel happy and decided to fully step down from the raid roster and stop raiding there. I've been up and down on the ranking spectrum all my time playing wow

7. What guilds were you previously in? Under what circumstances did you leave?

WHAR LEWTS PLZ HALp - BC - Joined better guild
Casual - Wrath - Left due to starting University
Critical Mass - Cata - Guild called it quits after DS progression
Overture/Team Malice - Mop - Quit wow
Erebos - Legion - Guild died after ToV
The Gentleman - Legion - Left just left after Nighthold
Tabbed Out - Legion - Left after ToS and antorus(nothing bad, was seeking a better guild)
Hysteria/Moisty Boyz - BFA - Scheduling conflict
Union - BFA - Temporary fill-in
Humble - BFA - role change and wasn't feeling it(left on good terms)

8. Link your detailed rankings from Warcraftlogs. If you played multiple characters in progression throughout the expansion, link them all. If your mythic logs are private, do not apply without linking screenshots or sending login info via a PM.

Monk uldir -
Monk BoD -
Monk CoS -
Monk EP -

Paladin BoD -
Paladin CoS -
Paladin EP -

Death Knight EP -
Death Knight Nyalotha -

Bonus: Warrior BoD -

9. Provide a screenshot of your UI in raid combat. my youtube has a bunch of kill videos.


10. Age: 29

11. Gender: Male

12. How did you hear about Infinity?

Was just looking through wowprogress and what guilds were looking for what going into Shadowlands

13. Why do you wish to join Infinity, and why do you think you would be a good addition to our roster? What sets you apart? 

I wish to join Infinity to have a place to call home for the remainder of BFA and into Shadowlands. I'm looking for a place to raid where I can be happy and have really really solid progression. I believe I would be a good addition to the roster because I have past top 30 US experience and a lot of top 100 World experience and I believe I would be a good fit because I'm constantly going over logs after raids, seeing what mistakes myself and what mistakes the guild as a whole can fix going into the next day of raid. I take criticism and never lash at anybody if I'm put on the spot for making a mistake. I own up to my mistakes, fix them for the next pulls and am always trying to improve myself.

14. This is an old guild with a family/friend-like atmosphere. It is important that we get to know you, so tell us a little about yourself

I've played PC games since 2003 ranging from CS 1.6, Day of defeat, World of warcraft, Diablo 2 and 3, CSGO and wow is the game that I always enjoyed the most. I currently work for Toyota as a robotics technician, I fix, install and maintain most of the automation Toyota has in the plant(working my way up to be head of automation so I can be lazy and tell everyone else what to do) I live near Toronto Ontario Canada and was born and raised in Toronto, I have a house in Toronto that I bought(with the help of my parents) 8 years ago for 400,000$ and it's now worth 1.5 million dollars(Canada housing market btw) I love Cars and my GF, no kids yet because fuck that. I just love playing wow, raiding and m+(even tho I always end up playing the best tank for raid but it always sucks for m+)

Hoping to hear back from you guys. My fingers hurt from timing all this on my phone so please accept me :p
(Ignore spelling mistakes, typing on phones is actually shit) <!--/data/user/0/>

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