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re: Guardian Druid Application


1. Battletag : Abbosss#1366

           a. Character name : Trippyvision - Area-52

2. Class : Druid


3. Current Server : Area-52


4. Primary raiding spec : Tank (441 geared) no viable off-spec yet


5. Armory Link :


6.  Raiding Experience:

      8/11 ABT played on Trippyvision - Stormrage (druid tank)

      3/8 Uldir played on Insens - Stormrage (monk tank)

      3/9 BOD played on Hitmebeach - Stormrage (warr tank)

      3/8 TEP played on Trippyvision - Area-52 (druid tank)

7. Previous Guilds:

  Continuum -  Stormrage : Could not fit into raid times 

  Shadow Company -  Stormrage : guild died

 Till Valhalla -  Area-52 : raid team broke up


      Raid Requirement Check: I don't go outside, I'll be there


8. Warcraft Logs:


9. Raid UI :


10. Recent Expectations Exceeded : I'm not sure if this exactly qualifies but I play resto affinity as a guardian druid, so during times when I'm not tanking the boss, I can top low raid members with swiftmend, and use wild growth to try and give the healers a little help. I try to employ this tactic in as many encounters as possible.


11. Age : 23


12. Gender : M


13. How did I learn about Infinity? : A friend of mine from Til Valhalla suggested I try and find a good mythic guild and turned me on to you guys.


14. Why do I wish to join, and what can I offer?: Since Uldir I've been pushing my tank logs higher and higher, in healing and damage, and have always really wanted to put those numbers into an environment that matters, and finally be part of a group where I can push deep into mythic content. As a tank I know I'm kind of a dime a dozen and don't have too much to offer, but I love constantly grinding keys, and was able to push into top 100 Guardian druids in S3 M+ before I had to take a little break for school, so I'd definitely be down to smash some keys whenever we're not raiding! And although unfortunately I have never recently been able to get into to the last bosses of Mythic, I spent a short amount of time in Continuum-Stormrage towards the end of Legion where i was able to jump up from ABT 4/11 to 8/11 simply from changing guilds, which leads me to believe I just need the opportunity with the right teammates.


15. A little bit about myself : Not much too say honestly xD I'm a full-time student from South Florida finishing my AS in Computer Sciences, I work a part time job at my dad's company but that never interferes with my raiding schedule, other than that I basically just play WoW lol, some Dark Souls' style games here and there. My family usually takes a vacation during Christmas but even that shouldn't affect anything because I simply just bring my laptop and mouse.


Hope you guys liked my app! and hopefully I didn't write too much xD Look forward to hearing from you guys! And thank you for any possible consideration






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re: Guardian Druid Application


Unfortunately we have decided to decline your application. We are looking for tank applicants with more experience. Thank you for your interest in Infinity and best of luck in your guild search.

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