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re: Ravdk - Tank



1. a. BattleTag: Rav#11203

    b. Character Name: Ravdk

2. Class: Death Knight

3. Current Server: Burning Legion

4. Primary Raiding Spec (if you have a raid-viable off-spec, let us know): Blood, in process of gearing up Warrior for 8.2 and beyond.

5. Give us a link to your armory while logged out in PvE equipment:

6. What is your raiding experience? CE - HFC/Xavius -- took "break" between NH and Tomb -- CE in Antorus and Uldir. Took a bigger step into playing at a more competitive level come BfD, currently 8/9M with ~300ish pulls on Jaina.

7. What guilds were you previously in? Under what circumstances did you leave? Currently in , going to finish out BfD regardless of circumstance. Didn't want to leave them by the way-side -- seemed to not take the pursuit of HoF as seriously as I would have liked.


8. Our standard raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8PM ET to 11PM ET.  If you are unable to maintain 90% raid attendance please inform us. Excessive absences and/or being late will result in loss of spot and/or removal from guild. Discord, a Microphone, and a Boss Mod are required in Infinity raids. Understood? Yes.

9. Link your detailed rankings from Warcraftlogs.

10. Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment.

11. Describe a "recent" raid boss that demonstrates how you exceed the requirements of your current role (DPS/Healing/Tanking). This may involve using a special spec, a non-standard rotation, or non-standard gear/glyphs. If you take on the role of soak tank on Stormwall, as a Death Knight you need to prioritize "odd-talents" based around having a larger health pool as well as access to more short-term DRs. Stacked more versatility than usual. Selected trinkets with larger health bonuses and or DRs.


12. Age: 22

13. Gender: Male

14. How did you hear about Infinity? Mostly Wowprogress.

15. Why do you wish to join Infinity and what convinces you that you would be a good addition to Infinity? What sets you apart? Extremely motivated and forward looking. Since moving up into more competitive guilds I've had to constantly attempt to continue to improve myself as a player while at the same time. Will always attempt to be as geared and as prepared as possible for raid encounters week after week.

16. This is an old guild with a family/friend-like atmosphere. It is important that we get to know you, so tell us a little about yourself. Quiet until I get to know the group well, get along with everyone, pretty light-hearted. 



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re: Ravdk - Tank


Unfortunately we have decided to deny your application. We are going to pursue another option for our main tank position. Thank you for your interest in Infinity, and best of luck in your guild search. 

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