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re: Yggsdrasill - Druid



1. a. BattleTag:


    b. Character Name:


2. Class:


3. Current Server:


4. Primary Raiding Spec (if you have a raid-viable off-spec, let us know):

Balance, raid-viable with Feral/Guardian

5. Give us a link to your armory while logged out in PvE equipment:

6. What raiding experience did you have in Vanilla, TBC, WotLK, Cata, MoP, WoD and more recently in the current expansion?

I've raided with Metempsychosis (US 110) since Nighthold.
Before that I raided with various (US 500) guilds over the years: Voltage in Emerald Nightmare (A-Sargeras), Ruin (A-Korgath) and Didactic (A-Korgath) in Hellfire Citadel, and Nox Oriens (A-Korgath) before that back to Siege of Orgrimmar.
Prior to SoO, I raided with friends in Karazhan and ICC and raided with VoS (H-Sargeras) in Vanilla, MC through AQ.

7. What guilds were you previously in? Under what circumstances did you leave?

Previous guilds covered above.
I'm looking for a new guild that raids at a better time to go along with a new job.
Before Metempsychosis, I raided with the other guilds until they broke up, primarily because of low population issues and unable to field a mythic team.


8. Our standard raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8PM ET to 11PM ET.  If you are unable to maintain 90% raid attendance please inform us. Excessive absences and/or being late will result in loss of spot and/or removal from guild. Discord, a Microphone, and a Boss Mod are required in Infinity raids. Understood?


9. Link your detailed rankings from Warcraftlogs.

10. Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment.

11. Describe a "recent" raid boss that demonstrates how you exceed the requirements of your current role (DPS/Healing/Tanking). This may involve using a special spec, a non-standard rotation, or non-standard gear/glyphs.

In Uldir, examples include Resto Affinity healing during downtime (Vectis, Ghuun), knowing how to solo run orbs on Ghuun (though guild never opted to do so), playing Feral on Zul to minimize AOE (at request of raid lead), and Guardian tanking when MT was missing (Fetid, Mythrax prog). In Legion, I balance tanked Coven and organized knocks on Aggramar and was guilds third tank (Portal, Argus, KJ).


12. Age:


13. Gender:


14. How did you hear about Infinity?

Wowprogress while looking for guilds that are recruiting at better raid times for me.

15. Why do you wish to join Infinity and what convinces you that you would be a good addition to Infinity? What sets you apart?

I want to join Infinity to push higher next tier at better hours for my real life. I would be a good addition because I am always willing to do the hard or technical roles in order for the raid to succeed. I know every aspect of my class and can fill in for most any role. I always try to stay up-to-date with new information for my class and for each raid tier.

16. This is an old guild with a family/friend-like atmosphere. It is important that we get to know you, so tell us a little about yourself.

I work full-time as an engineer and relax as a rock climber. I love playing board games and traveling to concerts. I've been playing WoW since closed beta because I love the challenge and competition of raiding and always strive for excellence in everything I do. I'm easy to get along with and always try to build up those around me.


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re: Yggsdrasill - Druid


Unfortunately we have decided to deny your application. Your performance does not meet our standards. Thank you for your interest in Infinity, and best of luck in your guild search. 

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