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re: Kerokero- Ret paladin



1. a. BattleTag: Kerokero#11327

    b. Character Name: Kerokero

2. Class: Paladin

3. Current Server: Stormreaver

4. Primary Raiding Spec (if you have a raid-viable off-spec, let us know): Retribution

5. Give us a link to your armory while logged out in PvE equipment:

6. What raiding experience did you have in Vanilla, TBC, WotLK, Cata, MoP, WoD and more recently in the current expansion?

I began raiding starting with HFC in WoD and have cleared all content since then. 

13/13M HFC US79

7/7M EN US95

3/3M ToV US57

10/10M NH US49

9/9M ToS US65

11/11M Antorus US74

8/8M Uldir. I did not clear Ghuun on progression though.

7. What guilds were you previously in? Under what circumstances did you leave?

Deimos - Illidan: First real raiding guild I was in. Was with them for about half of HFC before they merged with Avid - Illidan and leadership was replaced. New leadership was not good, which caused all of my friends from Deimos and subsequently myself to leave.

Mind Games - Illidan: Joined them after leaving Avid. Finished off HFC with them and have raided with them for every tier in Legion and partway through Uldir before the guild died due GM quitting the game.

Deimos - Stormreaver: Joined the reformed Deimos after Mind Games died and picked up 8/8M with them. Deimos recently died as well due to recruitment issues so now I am looking for a new home.


8. Our standard raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8PM ET to 11PM ET.  If you are unable to maintain 90% raid attendance please inform us. Excessive absences and/or being late will result in loss of spot and/or removal from guild. Discord, a Microphone, and a Boss Mod are required in Infinity raids. Understood? Yes.


9. Link your detailed rankings from Warcraftlogs.

10. Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment.

11. Describe a "recent" raid boss that demonstrates how you exceed the requirements of your current role (DPS/Healing/Tanking). This may involve using a special spec, a non-standard rotation, or non-standard gear/glyphs. 

Ret is a fairly 1-dimensional spec at the moment and there are very few occasions where my gear and talents would change. The only fight in Uldir that I would want to change out of my standard gear for would be Zul. One of Ret's azerite traits is something called "Divine Right" (DR). What DR does is grant me 1k strength for 15 seconds after Divine Storm hits an enemy with <20% hp remaining, which ends up being quite nice when there will be an add with <20% hp almost 100% of the time. This allows me to help keep adds in check a little bit and is a nice boost to single target dps. Using this trait may also be beneficial on G'huun in his burn phase but I have not tried it yet. Talents wise, when using the DR trait swapping out the Righteous Verdict lvl 15 talent for Zeal is beneficial as RV loses value when DS is used.

Other than that there are fights that encourage holding CDs for certain events such as holding CDs for the add phases on Zek'Voz and holding CDs for the adds on Fetid. Also it is worth for me to pool holy power and hold my second set of CDs for room 3 add cleanup in MOTHER, assuming you use the strategy where you move all 20 people over at once. 


12. Age: 22

13. Gender: Male

14. How did you hear about Infinity? wowprogress

15. Why do you wish to join Infinity and what convinces you that you would be a good addition to Infinity? What sets you apart? 

I enjoy playing WoW and I enjoy raiding. But what I don't enjoy is raiding 20+ hrs, 4-5+ days a week in order to kill bosses efficiently. A 9-12hr/3-day per week schedule is perfect for me (that said I am fine with the added Sunday mythic raid days to start the tier). I also enjoy a raiding environment with skilled players who are able to quickly learn how to deal with individual mechanics. I don't mind wiping to bosses as we learn the strategy to deal with them, but what I don't find fun is wiping dozens of times a night because players continue wiping to the same individual mechanical mistakes over and over again. Personally one of the things I find most enjoyable about raiding as well is how I can maximize my class's output by playing around a specific boss encounter's mechanics, while at the same time not being someone who ignored mechanics in favor of padding the meters. 

16. This is an old guild with a family/friend-like atmosphere. It is important that we get to know you, so tell us a little about yourself. 

I am currently studying computer science at university but will be graduating next May where I will be forced to enter the real world and I will begin working as an Embedded Software Engineer. I would say that I am more or less a quiet person but I wouldn't call myself unsociable. I take raiding seriously and try not to clutter voice during progression but I can still joke around when appropriate. 


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re: Kerokero- Ret paladin


Unfortunately we have decided to deny your application. We are not seeking additional melee members at this time. Thank you for your interest in Infinity, and best of luck in your guild search. 

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