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re: Kekepalmer - Havoc DH



1. a. BattleTag: Trikki#11403

b. Character Name: Kekepalmer-Mal'Ganis/Trikki-Mal'Ganis

2. Class: Havoc Demon Hunter/Retribution Paladin respectively

3. Current Server: Mal'Ganis

4. Primary Raiding Spec (if you have a raid-viable off-spec, let us know): Havoc Demon Hunter

5. Give us a link to your armory while logged out in PvE equipment:

6. What raiding experience did you have in Vanilla, TBC, WotLK, Cata, MoP, WoD and more recently in the current expansion?

I started raiding in Legion first casually in EN (I don't remember what the exact rank was but I'm sure it wasn't anything remarkable), made my way through a few guilds and ended NH with nVus at US 249. Stayed with nVus through ToS at US 153, ABT at 81, and recently Uldir at 92. I played Ret Paladin all through Legion and swapped to DH at the start of Uldir because I felt more useful to the guild as a DH than Ret (and I didn't enjoy playing Ret).

7. What guilds were you previously in? Under what circumstances did you leave?

I was in a guild called Disconnected during the better half of NH and left after a month of the guild leader not recruiting and instead choosing to pug for Mythic Botanist/Star Augur progression. I then joined nVus and stayed with them for a year and a half up to this point. Towards the end of Tomb I made it clear to the officers that one of our tanks, Chopper, was holding us back during prog (and farm alike). I began asking officers to start looking into replacing him, but instead of fixing the problem they would push it back further and further. Our healers during Antorus were also underperforming and I made that evident as well. After tolerating it for more or less a year and being told that I was "easily replaceable" and that 5+ core raiders leaving is "normal", seeing absolutely no change I reached my boiling point and left the guild.

In short, I left both guilds due to poor leadership.


8. Our standard raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8PM ET to 11PM ET. If you are unable to maintain 90% raid attendance please inform us. Excessive absences and/or being late will result in loss of spot and/or removal from guild. Discord, a Microphone, and a Boss Mod are required in Infinity raids. Understood? I understand.


9. If possible, please link your detailed rankings from Warcraftlogs.
(I'm also going to drop my paladin's Legion logs here since I'd like to note I'll be happy playing whichever spec ends up being more beneficial for the raid:

10. Please provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment.

11. Please describe a "recent" raid boss that demonstrates how you exceed the requirements of your current role (DPS/Healing/Tanking). This may involve using a special spec, a non-standard rotation, or non-standard gear/glyphs.

I remember on Mythic Argus prog on my paladin I was the only melee DPS who would call for another melee player to move to a different side of the boss. This probably doesn't sound like much but when there are several melee players who will just sit still and not be proactive and move for another player on their own, I felt I was being beyond helpful. There's not much I've done that is outside what I should have been doing on my DH, but I would say a good example of my performance would be Mythic Vectis where I'm the only one in my group usually that is calling out vector swaps. Again, this is the same sort of thing as I did on my paladin that requires very minimal effort. But it was immensely helpful to the raid. Outside of that I just hit things really hard x].


12. Age: 20

13. Gender: Male

14. How did you hear about Infinity?

My friend who also left nVus told me I should apply here. I liked what I read in the description, specifically the raid schedule, so I decided to apply. Also, your wowprogress page lists havoc DH as a spec you are looking for; that's not common so I figured I would jump at the chance.

15. Why do you wish to join Infinity and what convinces you that you would be a good addition to Infinity? What sets you apart?

The main reason I stayed with my old guild was because I enjoyed playing with people there and killing bosses at an efficient (enough) pace. It got to a point where we weren't killing anything as quickly as we should have and, in turn, I was having 0 fun. I know it's a typical response from a melee DPS applying to a guild but believe me when you read that I am entirely willing to sacrifice a good parse for a kill. I believe good numbers come from clean & efficient kills. Also I just want to have fun raiding again and I feel I could do that here :-)

16. This is an old guild with a family/friend-like atmosphere. It is important that we get to know you, so tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a college student majoring in Childhood Education and planning to minor in Chinese. I don't do much in real life outside of attending classes since most people in my classes are antisocial except me. I mostly only play WoW mostly for the social aspect of it (I love talking to people) and do m+ most of the time. As far as being in a guild goes, I don't pay much attention to ranking. As long as I am in a guild where people enjoy playing together everything will fall into place. Also, I have a goldendoodle named Mikey and if I get in expect pictures in the animal channel (if there is one).


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re: Kekepalmer - Havoc DH


Unfortunately we have decided to deny your application. Your performance history is impressive, but we no longer need demon hunters or ret paladins for our roster. If your recruitment needs change, we will keep your application in mind. 

Thank you for your interest in Infinity, and best of luck in your guild search. 

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