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re: Naxxguy - 9/10M Frost DK


1. a. BattleTag: Abstract#1240

1. b. Character Name: Naxxguy


2. Class: Deathknight

3 Current Server:

4. a. Primary Raiding Spec (if you have a raid-viable off-spec, let us know): Frost


     4. b. Artifact Level for each raid-viable spec? 52

5. Give us a link to your armory while logging out in PvE equipment:

6. What raiding experience did you have in Vanilla, TBC, WotLK, Cata, MoP, WoD and more recently in the current expansion?

Raided extensively in Vanilla/TBC/WotLK. Raided for a top 10 US guild that killed M'uru pre-nerf in sunwell. Started playing for Death and Taxes during the end of TBC/First few months of WotLK getting a lot of server first/top 10 US kills the first raid tier. Quit WoW before new raid tier came out during WotLK until WoD. Didn't really raid seriously at all during WoD just played in a friends guild. Legion raiding experience 7/7mythic CE. 3/3M 9/10M phase 3 wipes on gul'dan.

7. What guilds were you previously in? Under what circumstances did you leave? DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT.

Envy/Crimson Riot on Kel'thuzad. I trialed for both guilds before leaving for various reasons. Envy was a solid guild and a fun group of guys to play with, just didn't like the extensive roster as well as the officers having a blind spot for a few of their players mechanical issues. Crimson Riot was too much of a one man band with a lackluster raiding environment.


8. Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 3 hour raids start @ 8pm Server Time to 11pm Server Time. It is in your best interest to maintain 90% attendance in order to maintain a regular raiding spot. If you are unable to maintain 90% raid attendance please inform us. Excessive absences and/or being late will result in loss of spot and/or removal from guild. Understood?

These raid times line up perfectly with my schedule, one of the reasons why I'm apping here. I can make 95%+ raid attendance without issue. I understand raid attendance of core players is crucial to a guilds success.

b. The looting in Infinity is done through a Loot Council based on a number of factors such as attendance, performance, attitude, size of upgrade, etc. Understood? 

Fantastic wouldn't have it any other way.

9. Discord, a Microphone, and a Boss Mod are required in Infinity raids. Would you download/purchase these if accepted?

I'm usually active on discord love to run mythic+ high keys and play daily, any addons required will be set up.

10. Do you play on a stable Internet connection? A DC here and there is tolerable, but constant disconnecting makes you a liability. Please provide us with a result to a Chicago server (where Mannoroth is housed).

Yes very stable internet.

11. Computer Setup, please provide us with your basic computer information: processor speed, amount of memory, and graphics card.

Water cooled i-5 3.5 ghz. 16gb ram nvidia 970gt


12. *IMPORTANT* Please provide us with a screenshot or two of your UI in a recent combat RAID environment (a link is fine). Do you have any hidden keybinds?

Funny as it is I havn't taken a screenshot during a raid in quite awhile. Here's a shot inside my classhall. No hidden keybinds.

13. If possible, please provide us with a recent parse of your performance in a raid setting. gul'dan progress almost all of my parses were deleted when the guild I raided for 5/10m disbanded and the guild lead deleted all the logs. I understand my parse history isn't stellar but I can assure you this does not reflect my player skill.

14. a. Can you tell us the stat weights you use for gear, gems, and enchants for your character?

( Pawn: v1: "Naxxguy": Class=DeathKnight, Spec=Frost, HasteRating=17.79, MasteryRating=17.62, Versatility=17.78, CritRating=17.92, Strength=20.9 )

Very well balanced stat weights atm simdps is rank 1 on my server.

14. b. What legendaries do you have? Which ones do you use for different situations?

Usually just keep Belt/Ring on atm they're the highest dps output legendaries for frost dks atm. Helm seems to do a bit better on skorp if you're cheesing for parses.

14. c. What is your standard rotation for your current role (DPS/Healing/Tanking)?

Breathhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for as long as possible as well as targeting HB to optimize dmg output.

14. d. What resources (websites, addons, etc.) do you use to best optimize your choices above? Warcraftlogs,Simcraft,DKdiscord etc.

15. Please describe a "recent" raid boss that really demonstrates how you have gone above and beyond your current role (DPS/Healing/Tanking). This may involve using a special spec, a non-standard rotation, or non-standard gear/glyphs. If possible, link us a parse of you doing this.

Frost dk's are quite limited in this role of mechanics whore. We're not the best for it because of mobility issues and such. So overall I can't really say I've done anything above and beyond my role of dpsing. I'm on point with mechanics however such as using AMS to drop certain debuffs before they effect the raid encounter. Star Augurs fel is a great example. I firmly grasp half lapping or double stacking floor drop mechanics as well (flames of sargeras on gul'dan, and again star augur fel come to mind)


16. Age: 27

17. Gender: M

18. How did you hear about Infinity?


19. Why do you wish to join Infinity and what convinces you that you would be a good addition to Infinity? What sets you apart? ←Money Question, one-liners here reflect poorly…think about it.

Looking for a Mythic Raiding guild that I can form friendships with it's members and become a core part of the raid team. I bring a relaxed yet focused attitude to raids and can when asked be very objective with my take on boss mechanics during progression. I'm well versed in utilizing warcraftlogs to my own advantage as well as my guilds. I'm always open to sharing information with others in a positive and progressive manner.

20. This is an old guild with a family/friend-like atmosphere. It is important to us that we get to know more of who you are then just another player, so tell us a little about yourself. This could very well sell your application to us, so HAVE FUN!

Welp most people on WoW know me as Naxx, my names Nick. I spend most of my spare time when not working playing WoW. I'm a custom finish carpenter by trade. I work for my family company who does custom work for some of the highest echelon clients in south florida. (Work doesn't effect my WoW schedule much.. maybe twice? in the last year.) I keep my circle of friends small but the friends I have I can truly count on. People are very important to me. In WoW I've got an extensive list off friends I like to run Mythic+ with on a regular basis however this has slowed down a bit lately. That being said I'm really hoping to find a WoW guild/community I can form a long term position in perhaps <Infinity> is it?





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re: Naxxguy - 9/10M Frost DK


Unfortunately we have decided to reject your application. Thank you for your interest in Infinity, and best of luck in your guild search.

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